To determine the quality of the air source heat pump water tank only three strokes

As we all know, the tank liner affect the air source water heater life, but also related to whether the product is energy saving. Air source water heater water tank because the volume is relatively large, so are generally on the outside. The quality of the tank can be judged from the following three points:

1. Insulation

In addition to water storage tank, there is another important role - insulation, insulation effect is good or bad insulation layer thickness and coverage of the impact of the thicker insulation layer, the wider the coverage, the better the insulation effect. So, in the purchase, the best water tank insulation layer thickness is 40 ~ 50mm, and a 360-degree all-round insulation function, when the tank capacity is the same, the larger the tank, the heavier, indicating the thicker insulation layer, Insulation effect of course the better.

2. Quality of the liner

The quality of the liner determines the water tank durable, air source water heater water tank according to the use of different materials can be divided into three categories: crystal liner, enamel liner, stainless steel liner.

a. The use of crystal liner made of low cost water tank, but the plastic wall of the bile wall in a long time with the water in contact with the case will produce odor, does not apply to the family air source water heaters, so, for industrial water heater tank.

b. Enamel liner the quality of the tank depends on the enamel process is good or bad. Enamel core technology in the hands of European and American companies, the domestic enamel technology is relatively rough, so the current quality of enamel liner water tank clearance products.

c. Many manufacturers now use 304 stainless steel tank liner, with corrosion-resistant and excellent welding characteristics, high water storage efficiency, widely used in the current air source water heater tank.

3.  Temperature package

The temperature control package controls the water temperature of the tank. The effect of the temperature sensor is to sense the temperature changes, and then feedback to the host control center. The number of temperature package, the sensitivity is directly related to whether the hot water can be provided, can achieve energy efficiency. At present, most of the water tank on the market using two temperature packages, but there are some manufacturers began to develop three or more temperature of the water tank.