The Water Tank Volume Of Heat Pump

Air energywater heater, also known as "air source heat pump water heateror  air conditioning water heater, etc. Air source heat pump water heater is just as its name implies is to remove heat from the air by refrigerant handling to the water, the traditional electric water heater and gas water heater, heat generated by gas and electricity consumption and air energywater heater is by absorbing heat from the air to reach the purpose of heating water, under the same power consumption will be able to absorb the equivalent of about three times the power of heat to heat water.


Air source water heater with energy saving, environmental protection, safety advantage makes more and more consumers love it, because it is expensive, air sourcewater heater when consumer choose and buy, how to choose the suitable volume tank is very important.That your home how much enough?

air water heat pump

1, according to the usual estimate, each of us shower with hot water is about 40 to 50 L/person, of course it also depends on the individual bathroom habits, if shower time longer, can be appropriately increased.

2, if there is more than one toilet in the home, consider in more than one bathroom in the shower at the same time, also need to increase the water tank capacity of about 50 to 100 L.


3, if home have a bathtub, commonly used bathtub, also need to increase the water tank capacity of 50 to 100 L.

For example: a family is a family of three, a toilet, bath crock, can choose 150 litres of water tank.If there are two bathrooms equipped with 200 liters of water tank is recommended.If there is a bathroom with bath, then have to 300 liters of water tank.