The solar energy water heater VS air source water heater power consumption

Working principle of the solar water heater
Sunshine through the first layer of the heat pipe according to the second glass of black heat absorption layer, the heat of the sun's light energy absorption, because is sandwiched between two layers of glass vacuum heat insulation, heat cannot gaiden, can only be passed on to the inside of the glass tube of water, the water of the glass tube heating, heating water and light along the glass tube heating surface upwards into the heat preservation water tank, relatively low temperature water in the bucket of backlight surface along the tube into the glass tube, so cycle, the heat preservation water tank in the water heating, thus achieve the goal of hot water.
The working principle of the air source water heater
Air source water heater is using inverse cano principle (in contrast to the air conditioning principle), absorb heat from the cold air, and transferring heat to heat water, to realize the process of heating. The low pressure gas refrigerant suction, converted to high temperature and high pressure gas, and pushed into the condenser (i.e., the tank heat exchange coil), under the function of throttle valve, high temperature and high pressure gas by the gas cooling into liquid in the condenser, and release a lot of energy.The energy released into the water tank, the water is heated up.Release energy and turn it into a liquid refrigerant through the throttle valve into the evaporator (i.e., air heat exchanger), reduced pressure instantly, liquid refrigerant in the low pressure environment and evaporates into gas, absorb a lot of heat.Absorb heat into gas of low pressure refrigerant compressor are inhaled, into the next cycle.
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Solar water heaters electric auxiliary is heated directly by electric heating temperature, power consumption;Heat pump water heater is through the electric compressor work, absorbing heat air heating water temperature, small power consumption, both the solar water heater power consumption compared to a little more, consumer when considering province electric water heater, air source water heater to be given priority.