The relationship of global warming and air source heat pump

large amount of carbon emissions
There are many things affect Global warming. In many of the news reports have mentioned, t big event is melting glaciers, rising sea levels, many of the island. Little things are every year hot in summer, hot summer. If let the rising phenomenon of global warming, will no doubt have more serious impact. The source of global warming is a large amount of carbon emissions. 
To curb carbon emissions, the first thing to pay attention to the natural is coal. Coal belongs to fossil fuel combustion process will release a lot of material such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter. How to reduce the coal carbon emissions higher energy use, is the society as a whole are faced with the problem now. Now, more common and mature, is to use the air source heat pump as an alternative.
Air source heat pump with coal-fired boiler heating principle
Air source heat pump is a heating device, with very different from coal-fired boiler heating principle. And air source heat pump heating, do not need any consumption of coal, relying only on a small amount of electricity can make a lot of heat. 
The heat energy from the sun light, heat coming from the skin from biology, belong to not take advantage of low grade heat directly. But with air source heat pump refrigerant after the low grade heat energy absorption, through the work of the compressor power consumption, transform this part of the low grade heat energy to high grade thermal energy.
Of course, due to the limited principle, air source heat pump hot water temperature does not generally is too high to reach above 100 ℃ high temperature, so air source heat pump main position is more of a heating and hot water heat pump.
Air source heat pump operation also need electricity
Air source heat pump heating is very efficient, using 1 kw of heat energy, the heat energy can produce 2 ~ 4 kw, with the best energy saving effect of similar equipment. Air source heat pump operation also need electricity, but the results of high heating efficiency is very little electricity needed, so it wouldn't bring too much load to power plants, coal consumption will not increase too much.
In a word, air source heat pump in heating has a considerable advantage, comfortable, energy-saving.