The prospects of Air source heat pump heating

 Air source be used as hot water products market has already become a red sea 
Air source water heater is one of the air source products. Air source besides can be used in hot water of life, there are many USES and functions.
 Throughout the heating market, it is not difficult to find that heating requirements not satisfied due to insufficient power and coal. And the price is less, and become the affect hundreds of millions of people's livelihood issues and comfort and energy saving life process is an important problem. It give us energy saving products, heat pump heating provides a huge market demand. 
 Air source heat pump heating the biggest advantage is energy-saving 
It through a lot of absorbing free heat from the air and heating can effect comparing up to more than 500%, the heating energy consumption is less than a quarter of the electric heating, gas heating, a third of is by far the most energy efficient heating system.
As the air source water heater technology gradually become mature, ultra-low temperature heating pump instead of traditional coal, gas and other heating equipment become the trend. 
 Air source heat pump with the advantages and characteristics, the present for the residential heating provides a huge advantage. 
Air source heat pump is environmental 
Compared with the traditional heating means, no waste, low carbon environmental protection, green, pollution-free, fundamentally eliminate the leakage accident, not only safe and reliable, low carbon environmental advantage is very obvious. Finally, refrigeration and heating, heat pump can be used a double use, save the initial investment. No additional mix water device and operation cost are lower.
air industry development prospects
  The rise of the air source heating floor for air energy open a new piece of market of blue ocean industry and can greatly broaden the air industry development prospects. According to the international copper association estimates that only calculate the hot summer and cold winter region. Air source heat pump heating market demand close to 3.2 million per year on average. More optimistic, heat pump heating market demand close to 5.5 million per year on average.