The most complete air source heat pump fault solution

1. The temperature sensor fault

Failure may cause: probe temperature detecting inaccurate or not the real water temperature.
Solution: replace the 5 k temperature probe

2. Phase sequence protection
Failure may cause: phase sequence right mainly in order to guarantee the compressor will not reverse, if the phase sequence is wrong, the compressor will not start, start motor fan.
Solution: check the power supply without problem, adjusting the phase sequence order of 380V;Or change the phase sequence protection board.

3. Water shortage protection: mainly to protect the host have sufficient water flow.
Insufficient water detection has the following two ways:
(1) with the water flow switch test
After pump running 10s, water flow switch, if disconnect for 10 seconds or more in a row, enter the water shortage protection.
(2) use in and out of the water temperature detection
When in and out of the water temperature is greater than the water temperature difference value P12, water flow is insufficient to protect, "6" shows fault code, close all the output.
Solution: check whether the installation has a water flow switch, if there is to see if broken replacement, or to check whether there is congestion, filter and heat exchanger is scaling is serious, can normal heating after cleaning.

4. Air switch trip
Possible reasons for failure
: the causes of such main is where there is leakage.
Solution: check where there is leakage, if is rainy day, due to this reason, many;Or compressor blades burned, motor burned;Replace the compressor and motor.

5. The compressor noise
Failure may cause:
compressor oil pressure is too low, muffler, the exhaust valve damage and internal pipe, valve parts loose fastening parts and vibration.
Solution: replace the lubricating oil, the silencer, the exhaust valve and check the fastening compressor, piping and valves.

6. Compressor frosted surface
Failure may cause: refrigerant filling, inadequate or excessive thermal expansion valve thermal package loss or failure or open is too big and the valve core stuck or improper temperature Settings.
The solution: leak detection, leakproof, filling refrigerant or reduce redundant refrigerants, adjustment, cleaning, change of thermodynamic expansion valve.

7. Conditioning unit capacity is low
Failure may cause: poor water system water tank insulation, bad host heat exchanger heat transfer effect and water shortage.
Solution: to strengthen water system water tank insulation, heat exchanger cleaning, ensure the normal order of the heat exchanger heat and cleaning water filter.

8. The unit does not turn, no display
Failure may cause:
a power failure, the power cord is loose, the main fuse burn out and burn of the overload protector.
Solution: disconnect the power switch, check the power supply, check the unit the power cord and twist, replacement of DTN, and check the compressor power and voltage and current.

9. Compressor non-stop
Failure may cause: thermostat positioning of failure or mistake, sensing probe resistance or sensing line break fall.
Solution: replace repair or replace the thermostat, replace the sensing probe.

10. High and low pressure failure
Cause high pressure fault may
: high voltage switch is damaged, motor damage of blades, the water flow is insufficient, circuit board is damaged, the pump selection is too small.
Solution: change the high and low pressure switch, to replace the damaged motor blades, check check for dirty water ways waterways in blocking, or jam, ensure unblocked can, according to the requirements of the manufacturer of the pump selection, the new choose large pumps.
The causes of low pressure failure: low voltage switch is damaged, system leakage of refrigerant.
Solution: change the low voltage switch, leakage checking system.