The evaporator of the air source heat pump units to maintain a secret

Heat pump units is a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection equipment.Is a kind of can provide central air conditioning, central hot water energy-saving equipment.In use process, basic don't need to spend too much human resource to maintain it.However, regular maintenance, will extend the life of the unit, makes its performance more good!
Evaporator has important status and function in the heat pump units, how to maintain, the evaporator is a lot of people pay attention to
1) check the frozen water quality and fouling of the evaporator, to do a good job of pollution in water
2) to detect water side and the temperature difference between refrigerant
3) when the maintenance should open the drain valve at the bottom of the evaporator to the impurity of sludge discharge, remove the discharge ball valve when necessary, to increase the drainage outlet
4) special should be noted that during the winter does not use to prevent water freezing evaporator of damage
5) to prevent heat packet drop out induction temperature is the air temperature rather than the temperature of the evaporator, and leads to frequent alarm at low temperature
6) maintain drainage work can follow the following steps:
(a) run the pump for 10 minutes
(b) in the outlet water quality inspection
(c) the color based on water quality, suspended matter, rust, etc., suggested that the user manual mechanical cleaning or use of chemical cleaning
(d) after cleaning, turned to the drain valve, the discharge of sewage
(e) perfusion again after row of net water, run 30 minutes to see it again, water quality is job again if necessary.