The construction of Alipay and WeChat building how to solve the problem of hot water

 A few days ago, Alipay and WeChat of the new headquarters exposure.

Look at Hangzhou Alipay headquarters, the appearance of a very creative font, is expected to cover an area of 50 acres, can accommodate more than 8,000 people work in an office.

Look at the headquarters of Guangzhou WeChat, looking like a diving platform. It is reported that the height of the building planning will be more than 200 meters, WeChat department staff will be carried out in the daily activities and office.

Alipay building will become more than 8,000 people office base. And WeChat as one of the most fire department of Tencent, office staff a lot of the same. And the Internet business is busy, working longer, there may be from morning to night, the headquarters building are hot water. It can be seen that the heating equipment suitable for this comprehensive building must have the characteristics of "hot water supply" and "all-weather water supply".

In view of these two needs, in the market a lot of hot water equipment, the air source heat pump is clearly the most appropriate one.

Air source heat pump heating principle is to absorb the heat in the air to produce hot water, not like solar water heaters as weather constraints, as long as the equipment power, you can be stable, continuous heating. At present, the development of air source heat pump technology has been very mature, to achieve the heating process fully automated. Once the heat pump host detects the lack of water within the system, the heat pump will start their own operation, complete the water and heating operations to ensure that the building staff 24 hours have enough hot water available.

For Alipay, WeChat headquarters of this large-scale construction, the daily hot water consumption may reach more than 100 tons. Air source heat pump heating efficiency, better than oil boilers, electric boilers, natural gas boilers, is the highest of similar equipment. Data show that the heat pump heat efficiency than COP can reach 4.0, the device consumes 1kw of electricity, can be from the air "handling" 4kw of heat. In the process of long-term hot water, you can save a large amount of hot water expenses, reduce the cost of building operations, economic advantages significantly.

At present, the air source heat pump has been widely used in many fields of our country: Guangdong Zhaoqing College heat pump project, Anhui Huangshan Chizhou East to Hongqing floor heat pump project, and Changsha Olympic Stadium hot water project, are very representative Of the heat pump project. In most projects, the heat pump stable and efficient heating effect also received a lot of people's affirmation. With the WeChat headquarters, Alipay headquarters such a large high-rise buildings continue to emerge, air source heat pump will also have a broader market.