The cause of the dominant for air source heat pump water heater

After years of technological innovation, water heater, air source heat pump water heaters, electric water heater and solar water heater products successively, and quickly accepted.And current throughout the entire water heater, air source heat pump water heater in the water heater market share is gradually increased.Air source heat pump water heater of heat pump to transfer heat from the air effectively, in heating water at the same time also can reduce exhaust air conditioning room temperature, then, for everybody, the air source heat pump water heater can dominate water heater market dominance of three reasons.
Reason 1: heating refrigeration and integration
Air source heat pump in the working process of the advantage is obvious, it can play a double heating refrigeration purpose.The past of the water heater after heating, the exhaust fumes, will pollute the air. But after the air source heat pump heating, after discharge is compressed by the air conditioning, the air conditioner without any pollution, can be recycled directly into indoor.Thus to realize the integration of heating and refrigeration, can provide us with constant temperature of hot water, and can have the effect of the room in hot summer.
Reason 2: operation more intelligent
In the face of the fast rhythm of life now, intelligence has been a important part in people's lives, mobile phones, computers and all the direction of intelligent household.Water heater is also to this direction, air source heat pump in the design process, taking into consideration the factors together with The Times, so in the whole water heater new microcomputer control device, that is to say, all of the operations to be able to let the system automatically, very convenient, the most important thing is to save time.And there's no need to when use, we need to look at the high temperature heat pump, and then manually shut down.Air source heat pump can be heated to the specified temperature automatically, and then stop running intelligence.
Reason 3: strong adaptability to environment
Air source heat pump in use process, in addition to more energy conservation and environmental protection, but also has strong adaptability. Actually when using the traditional water heater, many consumers will have such trouble, use the solar water heater, if the environment temperature is low, the illumination of the sun is low, these will lead to the solar energy water heater heating speed too slow, sometimes 24 hours heating, still cannot meet the normal use.And electric water heater in a year the four seasons are consumed, not only a waste of energy resources and increasing the use of cost.And air source heat pump with the difference between them is very obvious, it can be used in any environment, and in any weather is silver or clear, is has nothing to do with its heating, anytime, anywhere can let us enjoy the constant temperature of hot water.