The Basic Knowledge Popularization-Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

 1.  Air source heat pump hot water (device) is a kind of what?
The device is a kind of all new production of hot water and energy saving equipment, it will absorb heat from the air heating water to a maximum of 55 ℃.It as a central hot water equipment widely used in hotel, hospital, factory, hotel, sauna center and residential area, such as collective type water units and villas, family, beauty parlor, and other small units with water.


 2.  What is the working principle of air source heat pump water heater?
Air source heat pump hot water unit by the heat pump heat exchanger choke heat absorber heat pump unit constitute a circulation system, etc.HTM (also referred to as refrigerant) under the action of heat pump circulating in the system.It finish gas booster in heat pump heating process (temperature up to 100 ℃), it into the heat exchanger after the release of the high-temperature heat to heat water, oneself are cooling and translated into liquid flow at the same time, when it runs to the heat absorber, rapid heat evaporating liquid into a gas again, at the same time temperature dropped to minus 20 ℃ to 30 ℃, then the air surrounding the heat absorber will continue to pass the low temperature heat to heat medium.HTM constantly cycle is to realize the low temperature of the heat in the air into a high temperature heat and cold water heating process.


 3. Air source heat pump hot water unit compared with other water (device) unit what are the advantages?
Operating cost minimum: air heat pump hot water unit () high efficiency, energy saving, cost is about in my unit (device) of 1/3 ~ 1/4, 1/2 of the fuel and gas hot water equipment, electric auxiliary two-thirds of the solar water heater.Conform to the requirements of environmental protection: to environmental requirements higher and higher, the vast majority of cities not only banned high coal dust and gradually to relish diesel will also be banned.Gas, electricity and natural energy is actively advocating and popularizing.A gas hot water system comprehensive small investment: gas hot water system need only more expensive gas hot water equipment, water and pay large capacity-bulking cost and equipment installation.This makes the gas hot water system investment are spectacular.Safety: air heat pump hot water unit (device) is flammable, also not direct electricity to heat water, absolute safety.


  4. Air source heat pump hot water unit need to use electricity, operation cost will very high?
Air source heat pump hot water unit is different from in (for) and in (the) unit is the electric heating tube converts electrical energy into heat energy to heat the cold water directly, the electric conversion efficiency for around 95 ℅.But air heat pump hot water unit (unit) the consumption of electricity is driven heat pump work, only have the effect of prompting HTM circulation movement, due to the large amounts of heat from the air into the system, the consumption of energy is more than heat pump for hot water, the ratio of the two energy can reach more than 3 times, namely the electro-thermal conversion rate reached more than 300 ℅.That is to say, the air source heat pump hot water system (device) unit heating is the main energy of the water from the surrounding air, using equivalent in unit () by a third or a quarter of the electric energy can get enough hot water, operation cost obviously far less than in (on) or electric boiler unit.


5. Low air temperature so how can it put the water heated to a temperature of 55 ℃?
Usually, we always think that heat from the hot reservoir flow to the low temperature heat source, and only under 45 ℃, the temperature of the air especially cold winter if you want to use air directly heated water is impossible.But air source heat pump hot water unit with special equipment, can be achieved from the low temperature heat in air and translated into the process of high temperature heat, and by using high temperature heat pump heating water to 55 to 60 ℃.