Solar water heaters less and less, because the air source heat pump popular

Do not know if you remember, when the solar water heater just came out, this energy-saving water heater can be said that the fire over half the sky. At that time, small to rural areas, large to first-tier cities, solar water heaters can be said to be everywhere.

However, today the situation has changed a lot. A few years ago also swept the solar water heater, in the market share showed a significant decline, how is this one thing?

Product share of the decline, then we should first think of a new product instead, the same is true of solar water heaters. To know, following the solar water heater, the fourth generation of water heater air source heat pump water heater, is the new era of energy-saving equipment on behalf of. Air source heat pump water heater appears, directly formed with the competition of solar energy, and in many ways more advantages than solar energy. As early as last year, the air source heat pump water heater market share on the way soaring, and later has been almost flat with the solar water heater.

Solar water heater the biggest shortcomings, I believe many people are clear that the heart is too limited. Its limitations are reflected in heating. Solar water heaters through the solar collector plate to absorb light, and then the heat used to heat the cold water, providing a steady stream of hot water. In this way, the sun became its "food and clothing parents". However, the weather can not always be sunny. Cloudy, rainy weather in the year will often appear, all this, so that solar energy can not effectively play its heating function. In order to make up for this deficiency, many companies to install solar-powered auxiliary heating parts. This way, with hot water, but also increased energy consumption, greatly weakened the solar energy-saving effect. In some areas, the average calculation down, solar water heater heating energy efficiency ratio may be less than 3.0.

Air source heat pump water heater uses another kind of heating principle - inverse Carnot principle. That is, the use of refrigerant, the absorption of heat in the air, heat generated by heat exchange. In this way, the heat comes from the air, not the sun, and let the water heater get rid of the weather predicament. As long as you can air source heat pump water heater normal power supply, no matter what kind of bad weather, the basic can be stable heating.

Air source heat pump water heater stability than solar water heaters stronger, then the energy efficiency and how? Data show that the air source heat pump water heater energy efficiency ratio can reach 4.0, consumption of 1kw power, from the air "transfer" 4kw heat. Even if the temperature is low in the winter, the average heating efficiency is also similar with the solar water heater, and even may be higher than the solar water heater.

Another point, solar water heaters if you need to absorb light energy, heat board area to do a lot, will take up a small space. The air source heat pump water heater can be installed in the balcony, outdoor air conditioning and even the living room. Installation is difficult and time is short.