Solar energy and air energy, who is the first choice for energy-saving water heater

Now is an energy-saving era, a variety of energy-saving products after another. For example, home appliances, air source heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters, are energy efficient and well-known "horse", are very popular. However, the same as the "horse", later air energy the recent heat has repeatedly increased, has become the first choice for the replacement of water heaters, why?

All-weather use, heating efficiency and stability

To compare the difference between the two, you have to proceed from the principle. In the ideal case, the solar water heater is a well-deserved "efficiency of the king", it uses light energy heating, water heater itself almost zero power consumption. But the weather is fickle, rainy and cloudy once there, solar water heater can not work, only to start the electric heating, so the heating efficiency dropped significantly. In contrast, air source heat pump water heaters, from the air to absorb heat, through the heat exchange process to produce hot water. Water heater from the weather interference, can be long-term to maintain 3.0 or even 4.0 of the heating efficiency, the average down, heating efficiency is even better than solar water heaters.

Small area, easy to use small units

At present, China's urbanization process is accelerating, high-rise residential continue to stand, all this means that our residential space is further compressed. Happens, solar water heater is a "big guy", not only the water tank, there is a large area of the collector (board), so the installation of solar energy, often become an important problem plaguing everyone. The air source heat pump water heater is different, most of the equipment volume is only a little larger than the conventional electric water heater, and even mini-type one unit, wall-mounted units, do not need to be installed outdoors. Can be in the balcony, kitchen, living room, dining room, study and other places to install. More importantly, the state has introduced a new policy, emphasizing the new housing will be reserved for air energy install the bit, which for the air energy install the "congenital" advantage.

Air energy safety can be small victory solar energy

Solar energy and air energy, both with the traditional electric water heater and gas water heater compared to the safety has been improved. First, because they do not consume gas, will not occur CO poisoning suffocation accident. Second, because both are not as electric water heater as direct contact with water and electricity, there is no risk of electric shock. However, due to the size of solar water heaters is too large, in some news, we can see the typhoon to blow it down, smashing people's situation. The air source heat pump water heater, due to small size, can be installed indoors, will not be affected by the wind. Even if installed outside, the volume is small, the force area is small, the probability of being blown down by the wind even lower.