So you are the original air source heat pump

Air source heat pump, because the reasons for coal to electricity, in the northern region of the relatively high visibility; in the south because the urgency of heating is not so strong, most people only heard the air energy water heater. The problem came, air energy water heater and air source heat pump is a product? Accurate to say that the air source heat pump more air energy be heating and cooling, drying and other equipment, air energy water heat pump technology to develop water heaters, and solar water heaters, only to provide hot water use.

What is the air source heat pump in the end? Many users know that the air source heat pump has four major components, we come back to review the core power - heat pump compressor, the other there are evaporators, heat exchangers, throttle devices and other three parts, remove these still like Sheet metal, circuit, shell and many other components, in addition to a lot of core technology.

We first look at the different accessories, the importance of the compressor in the air source heat pump no doubt, the current industry mainly uses three kinds of compressors, one of the US department, Emerson acquired the century compressor brand - Copeland Compressor , In the heat pump host in the application of more ZW series, is the Copeland for the heat pump type of research and development.

The second is the Japanese, this is the main Japanese several mechanical brands, Sanyo, Panasonic, Daikin, cost-effective, and become the industry's choice of many companies. The third is the domestic brands, Gree independent brands Lingda compressor, the Midea and Toshiba joint venture brands, Meizhi compressor, as well as Shanghai Highly compressor, basically these three. Of course there are some other compressor brands that are not introduced to.

Second, the throttle device, Emerson's thermal expansion valve, as for the evaporator and heat exchanger, the factory is the procurement of well-known supplier products. Other accessories products, such as the Chico of the electronic control accessories, such as Wilo water pumps are well-known brands.

In addition, there are quality assurance accessories is not enough, the core of the heat pump technology, there are heating technology, defrosting technology, low temperature technology; heating technology, all know the air source heat pump is a low temperature heat pump, low temperature air energy heat into the high temperature heat has been constantly breaking, from the ground to warm the water 30 ℃ -45 ℃, to the hot water of about 55 degrees Celsius, and then to the high-temperature heat pump; defrost technology, is a kind of running technology.

After reading these, we know that you are the original air source heat pump, not a lot of people think that the air source heat pump is just a gimmick, air source heat pump is not a kind of air conditioning, although they are similar.