Share air conditioning appearance, do you think share air source heat pumps far away

This year, "sharing" the word led a wave of universal prosperity. Shared bicycles from the needless to say, just a few months, this public bicycle around the various regions of the country, has become a hot topic.

Guangdong Shunde a business priority to the concept of sharing air-conditioning, the specific operation is this: each air-conditioning deposit of 3,000 yuan, according to the price of 1 yuan per hour to charge, electricity users themselves. Users registered in the APP and then orders, the company's staff will send people to install. Through the APP recharge, that can be long-term use of air conditioning.

3,000 yuan deposit, some opposition, some support. In fact, the current social environment, this approach is still a certain market. After all, in big cities, renters live far more than people who buy a house. The summer, the weather is very hot, many rental housing and no air conditioning, which has become the opportunity to use shared air conditioning.

Sharing the introduction of air conditioning, also leads to more thinking, with the share of air conditioning similar to share the air source heat pump water heater ok? Why mention air source heat pump water heater? Because it is itself from the air conditioning industry derived from a device, but the air conditioning good at cooling, air source heat pump water heater good at heating.

Air source water heater also known as air source heat pump, it can be from the air "handling" heat, so the heating efficiency is quite high. Consumption of 1kw power, you can get 4kw heat. This heating efficiency, much higher than the traditional gas water heaters, electric water heaters, and even with solar water heaters are equally balanced. And in the winter, just to the home to install the air source floor heating, you can achieve the whole house heating.

More importantly, the number of rental houses in the city, the grade is very different. There are some rental room bathroom, or ventilation effect in general, or socket location design is not good, if the installation of gas or electric water heater, there is a certain security risk. Air source water heaters, because the heating process does not consume gas, heat transfer is also carried out in the condenser, water and electricity separation, completely avoid the carbon monoxide poisoning equipment leakage risk, safety has been greatly improved. Everyone increasingly attached to the safety of bath today, the market prospect is very broad.

Air source water heater can provide hot water bath, but also to meet the needs of residential heating, a machine, which for people living in the city to rent, has brought great convenience. And the size of the device itself is not large, take up space is only larger than the electric water heater, the installation is not strenuous.

Most people only open air conditioning in the summer, and air source water heater can heat to heat, you can use all year round. On the scope of application, it is clear that the air source water heater better. Moreover, the air source heat pump unique high efficiency heating, safe and reliable advantages, but also with the needs of today's public, so, can boldly predict: with the power of technology, "shared air source heat pump" is not entirely possible?