Onself the home air source heat pump consumes more than others

In order to save electricity and comfortable, now many people had to buy to air source heat pump water heater or air heating equipment.But the result was some people use to find their own air source heat pump are also lose electricity, and electricity.
Why is this so?
1.  The winter air source heat pump heating temperature setting too high
Weather is cold in winter, the air energy equipment efficiency of nature also will be affected by certain influence.If you just demand is high, the air source heat pump heating temperature setting 25 ℃ or higher, sometimes can not reach the temperature of air source heat pump.In general, the right temperature heating environment between 16 ~ 22 ℃, if the temperature is set too high, air source heat pump is high load running 24 hours a day, power consumption is increased rapidly.
2.Air source heat pump last summer
Household air source heat pump water heater is basic it is water heater, are generally intelligent heating.If you want to set the water temperature is 50 ℃, so when the tank water is less than 50 ℃ after more than a certain value, the heat pump will start to heating.And home water is generally only one point in time, you can't always need to use hot water, and air source heat pump water heater for frequent meaningless heating operation, will certainly increase the electric energy loss, power consumption is not surprising.
What is the right thing to do?Set time heating, so that air can water heater will compare save electricity.Of course, if an air source heat pump water heater heat preservation, if not actually is not how much electricity consumption also regularly.
3.Only to see prices never buy expensive to buy things
This is when it comes to the heart of many people.Cheap things are good?Yes, but you don't so lucky can meet.Normally is cheap goods is not good.If your home in the north, it happened that keen on gaining petty advantages bought a low temperature air source heat pump, the winter you want to save electricity worry?
Bought a less known and inferior brand air source heat pump equipment, cheap is cheap, but a complete configuration is low, compressor, heat exchanger, even the heat preservation effect not line, you say things to buy back, can not electricity?