In addition to heating, air source heat pump can do anything

With the development of China's northern region "coal to electricity" in recent years, air source heat pump with its safety, energy saving, environmental protection advantages, has been in the northern heating market occupies a place. So, in addition to heating, the air source heat pump what advantage is worth our attention?

Hot water: hot water is an air source heat pump a "well-known" function, the air source heat pump is the use of heat pump to heat the air into high-compression heat, and then use these heat to enhance the water temperature. The hot water produced, in addition to meeting our winter heating needs, can also provide us with the hot water needed to provide daily.

Air source heat pump not only can produce hot water, but also very energy efficient, is the general electric water heater 4-6 times its annual average thermal efficiency is 4 times the electric heating, the use of high energy efficiency.

Refrigeration: In China, both in the south and in the north, there will be a hot weather every year, under normal circumstances, we use the cooling methods are air conditioning. But in fact, in addition to air conditioning, the air source heat pump can also be cooling for us. Indoor air through the pipeline after the heat pump, was pumped away the heat, into a cold air, cold air through the pipeline to discharge, that is, we blow the cold wind. And air conditioning is different, because the air source heat pump is basically "water cycle", so blowing out of the cold wind dry, more in line with human perception.

Drying: Compared with the above hot water and cooling, air to heat pump drying function "visibility" is not so high. But in fact, the air energy hot drying the past few years already in the country around the flowering. In 2016, the central government of the "financial subsidies on agriculture" in the relevant documents, it is a clear statement of the origin of agricultural products processing subsidies (about 30% of the total investment), energy-saving financial incentives alternative project (the total investment of 10 %) and the construction of drying facilities and storage facilities, the state subsidies 30%. Among them, the heat pump dryer in the agricultural and sideline products drying processing applications will also become a major bright spot.

Compared with the traditional drying, the air energy dry does not produce any emissions, not only more environmentally friendly energy, but also to avoid the secondary pollution in the drying process, to ensure the maximum food (especially preserved fruit, red dates, sausage, etc. directly used to eat food) health and safety.

Purification: Many cities in northern China, every heating season are due to air pollution, and caused by the haze weather. Haze is a healthy killer, in order to protect our health, and some manufacturers also extended the four conventional functions (heating, hot water, cooling, drying) outside the air purification function.