IKEA became everyone's "summer resort", is it installed air source heat pump

As the weather is hot, many people go out shopping on weekends, choose to have air conditioning, air-conditioned large shopping malls. IKEA is one of the options. IKEA is a furniture retailer from Europe and the United States, in many cities in China set up a large furniture, home products sales stores. Because it is selling furniture in the mall, which placed a variety of sofas, beds, chairs, plus every corner of the mall are air-conditioned supply, IKEA has become the heart of the place.

Some users reflect the Beijing West Red Gate IKEA stores, which filled with people. Through the picture, we can see that the basic every sofa, are filled with people. The aisle is also packed with consumers who come to the summer.Some people even take off their shoes, covered with IKEA quilt, directly on the bed "rub sleep." For this phenomenon, netizens to discuss, some friends think this behavior is uncivilized, there are some friends think before IKEA Introduced a direct test can sleep, then that behavior is reasonable.


Whether this behavior is reasonable, let's stay for the time being today. But it is certain that IKEA's air-conditioning is certainly good. So many people crowded inside, but also continue to come, indicating that the indoor air-conditioning must be cool enough, comfortable enough. Able to attract so many guests to visit, "rub sleep", is IKEA installed cold-warm all in one air source heat pump?

Air source heat pump can be said to be another air conditioning. Heat pump and air conditioning is the biggest difference is joined the water system. Water circulation in the system, carrying heat to achieve the transfer of heat. In summer, the heat pump can start air conditioning mode, resulting in a lot of low temperature cooling water. Cooling water through the pipeline, transported to the end of the fan coil (that is, we usually in the major shopping malls in the common outlet), to achieve indoor cooling.

Air source heat pump cooling, because the cold air is from the cold wind from the change, so the end of the wind blowing out, unlike the air conditioning so dry. Even if people stay indoors for a long time, it will not appear dry mouth, nasal congestion runny nose symptoms. In addition to the powerful cooling, the air source heat pump in the winter, you can switch to the heating mode, from the air to absorb heat, resulting in a lot of hot water, the same use of the end of the wind plate, to achieve the entire building heating.

It is because of the comfort of refrigeration, but also has the characteristics of "cold and warm double supply", so many large plant sheds, factory workshops, office buildings, shopping malls have begun to install air source heat pump.