How to maintain air source heat pump

Air source heat pump heating floor can add antifreeze
Air source heat pump heating floor can add a certain amount of antifreeze, project traders can according to the size of floor heating and the corresponding percentage of antifreeze.
In order to reduce the cost of air can heat pump for heating, you can try this way: used in a low temperature heating when you leave home, raise the temperature in a timely manner after go home.
Air source heat pump heating floor stopped in winter and summer
The area below 0 degrees in winter. If a short period of time (3-5 days) was not at home, can be machine stop. Air source heat pump floor heating unit has its own antifreeze protection function that stop to prevent frostbite.
Home empty for a long time, but will all the water in the air source heat pump floor heating system drain and clean. But note that, before the operation, please give full consideration to indoor and other lines, such as water pipe will never freeze.
Need not when in the summer, long time no one in the home or for a long time not to use and not freezing can shut down the unit. Disconnect the power, put the water system of water to dry. 
Air source heat pump heating floor heating water drainage method
Air source heat pump heating floor heating water drainage method: close cold water inlet valve and open the water valve, open the sanitary hot water faucet, heating water discharge. Contrarian recharging water can run can be turned on.
The heat radiator is not enough, the problem easily happened in the replacement of the radiator user home. Add radiator big to small, the heat coming from the radiator is not enough to compensate for the heat loss of the room.
Because the wall is wet, the water cut of gasification and to absorb a large amount of heat. Therefore, room temperature curing barn takes about a week's time. 
Starting and stopping, room temperature is not in balance, namely to turn it off. And heat coming from the early also because between families turn heat is absorbed by the outside world. So always can not meet the requirements of the temperature.