Hot water is not the same experience! Air source heat pump hot water unit

Air source heat pump hot water unit, also known as air energy water heaters, with the traditional water heater (the first generation of gas water heaters, the second generation of electric water heaters, the third generation of solar water heaters) compared to air source heat pump hot water unit advantages.

1. Water and electricity separation - security

Commonly used traditional water heaters, electric water heaters are directly heated tank water with electric (water and electricity is not separated), prone to leakage accident; gas water heater is the use of electric combustion gas heating water, prone to gas leakage accident; solar water heater is to absorb the sun energy heating hot water, storage tank water is too low prone to burst the risk. Air source hot water unit is the use of electricity to drive the compressor to work in the air energy be converted into the water tank to heat the water, water and electricity separation, air source hot water unit more secure.

2. Power - energy saving

Compared with the traditional electric water heater, air source heat pump hot water unit, power saving effect is obvious. Without considering the energy consumption of the case, the electric water heater once the heat to produce 3600000 Joules of heat, but the Gangteng air source heat pump hot water unit energy efficiency conversion ratio can reach 4.37, that is, once the electricity can be converted 3600000 Joule * 4.37 heat, effective energy efficiency can reach 75%.

3. Temperature - comfortable

Air source heat pump hot water unit and solar water heater energy source in the final analysis are solar energy, conventional solar water heaters must rely on direct sunlight or radiation in order to achieve heating effect, rainy days heat limited, and the heating water temperature will be with the energy The aggregation temperature is rising. Air source heat pump hot water unit is mainly to absorb the heat in the environment to achieve the heating effect, from the weather, heating effect is stable, can be used for heating the thermostat pool can also be used for hot water, commercial hot water and other places, more comfortable.

4. Clean - environmental protection

Gas water heater through the combustion of combustible gas (methane-based) on the water heating, and will emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases; electric water heater with electric heating rods, water consumption, energy consumption; air source heat pump hot water unit by moving the heat in the air water temperature, will not discharge harmful gases, more power, more energy efficient.

At present, the domestic water heater market is still dominated by traditional (electric water heater, gas water heater), but with the people's awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, the strong support of national policies, air source heat pump hot water unit with its own advantages, the market space has emerged, fast speed spread to the lives of ordinary residents, the user has been affirmed.