High temperature heat pump technology

High temperature heat pump heating water temperature can reach 80 ℃ over the heat pump. On the market at present is most of the air source heat pump using R22 as a working medium as well as the general condition of the compressor.
highest evaporation temperature to the director of the 12
As working medium of thermodynamic properties and chemical properties and general condition of R22 compressor's adaptability, it is hard to out of the water temperature up to 65 ℃ or more. This is because the normal working condition of the compressor can withstand the highest evaporation temperature to the director of the 12 it. The largest compressor under pressure 24 kg, RR2 condensing pressure is reached at 71 ℃ condensing temperatures 24 kg. So this kind of heat pump work scope: evaporator water less than 20 ℃, condenser water not more than 55 ℃.
For high temperature heat pump cycle working medium, system form, heat exchanger optimum design, lubricating oil system and no non-condensable gas treatment has obvious particularity. To its application and research must be to choose the suitable working medium, and then is suitable for the design of the compressor and satisfy the working medium work unit and intelligent control system, etc.
use of more than 90 ℃ hot water and output 150 ℃
Japan in the 1980 year was carried out by the heat pump project, 4 kinds of heat pump developed, including the use of more than 45 ℃ hot water. In the hot water temperature of 85 ℃ high temperature heat pump and the use of more than 90 ℃ hot water and output 150 ℃ high temperature heat pump of steam.
The emergence of high temperature heat pump, greatly expand the application field of heat pump can be directly recycled more than 31 ℃ ~ 64 ℃ low grade resources, make 65 ℃ ~ 90 ℃ hot water, and used for heating, production with hot areas such as alternative fuel can save a lot of primary energy has the very good energy saving and environmental benefits of high temperature heat pump especially in the aspect of industrial heat, high temperature baking food and other industrial products of high temperature baking, etc. Above 80 ℃, the basic reach the design standard of the heating in the north so the high temperature heat pump can be used as common building heating of the heat source and heat source.