Fluorine circulating air source water heater

energy conservation and environmental protection
Air source water heater because of its energy conservation and environmental protection, safe and comfortable, many other advantages to become a new type of water heater products welcome by consumers. Due to enter the market time is shorter, ordinary consumers to the lack of enough understanding, when the choose and buy is therefore somewhat confused about what to do. 
irculation is usually use of casing pipe type heat exchanger
Current household air source water heater according to the different ways of heat production or heat exchange mode, mainly divides into coil direct heat and casing circulating two kinds. Coil heat type that heat transfer to the refrigerant, again through the built-in disk heat exchanger in the tank to the water, also known as fluorine circulating air can water heater. And circulation is usually use of casing pipe type heat exchanger, transfer heat from the refrigerant to the water, again by water pump, heat preservation water tank heating is often called the water cycle air can water heater.
heating efficiency than fluorine can low circulating air
Air water circulation can by pump circulation cold water to heat exchange, there are 10-18% of the heat dissipation, plus 20-23% of additional power, so the heating efficiency than fluorine can low circulating air. Air water cycle to the complex workflow product structure is more complex, product reliability than fluorine cycle. But it is important to note that the fluorine circulating air can install difficulty is big, especially the fission products. Therefore recommend one-piece products of choose and buy.