Factors affecting the service life of air source heat pump water heater

For how long a lot of new users to the service life of the air source heat pump, is in addition to the installation price, one of the biggest concern.Current manufacturers promotional service life generally in 15 years, through the use of the more than ten years proved that the service life of air source heat pump for more than 10 years is no problem, then why the manufacturer's warranty is only about 18 months now?Then what factors that affect the service life of the air source heat pump have?
1.Unit running time
Running time of the unit is generally not more than 12 hours, when more than this time, more likely to malfunction of the unit, the service life would also be affected, we are in the process of selection, to listening to the advice of the manufacturer, reasonable for the equipment type selection.
2. Environmental temperature
Ambient temperature can be directly affects the service life of the unit, under the condition of low temperature, to use special heat pump units, guarantee the unit up and running properly in low temperature environment, under the condition of the environment temperature is lower than - 25 degrees, we try not to use the heat pump units for a long time.Due to the low temperature environment - below 25 degrees, the compressor refrigeration oil oil return very hard, long running, easy to cause the compressor cylinder, affects the service life of the unit.
3.External factors
External factors mainly refers to man-made factors, whether in the installation of the unit by professional and technical personnel to install debugging, in use process, avoid the unit in high temperature high pressure;In winter use, attention should be paid to do a good job, antifreeze in the unit when not, remember that don't put the disconnected, if the broken power supply, we need to put the unit water dry;In the selection of the unit installation position, we are going to far away from soot and leaves, in order to avoid leaves off the wind leaf, affect the service life of the unit.
4.Compressor start-stop frequency
Longest lifespan is determined by the compressor, frequent start-stop, compressor impact of over current, caused by the life of the lower unit.Unit system description: low temperature heat low, the mainest is in low temperature has been achieved compressor labor liquefaction point, the heat absorption is not enough to gasification working substance that caused the efficiency of the compressor is reduced, and even cause liquid impact of compressor, which reduces the heat pump life.