EVI air source heat pump heating five advantages

Air source heat pump is a new generation of heating and cooling equipment, and EVI air source heat pump for the supply of less than -25 ℃ environment for use. In many countries in Europe are commonly used EVI air source heat pump as a way of winter heating, especially in the relatively cold environment, EVI air source heat pump more widely. In recent years, with the upgrading of new domestic heating technology, the northern region of the traditional way of heating is being phased out, replaced by energy-saving environmentally friendly heating to become the mainstream. Then what is the advantage of EVI air source heat pump, why choose EVI air source heat pump?

Why choose EVI air to heat pump?

Low-temperature air to heat the biggest advantage is that in the arctic environment can still be efficient heating, the traditional room temperature heat pump system, in the face of low-temperature performance challenges, the unit's safety and reliability are often greatly reduced. The lower the ambient temperature, the unit's energy efficiency and performance tend to decline. On the heat pump unit heating caused a very big impact. EVI air source heat pump through the professional by the enthalpy control loop and efficient heat transfer module, greatly improving the efficiency of refrigeration and heating conversion, and increase the operating temperature of the system at low temperature ambient safety, energy efficiency increased by 15%, performance increased by 20% the above.

What is the advantage of EVI air source heat pump heating?

1. Low operating costs

Low temperature air source heat pump than the traditional heating mode of about 20% energy saving, low temperature air source heat pump can save the whole year 1/3 of the cost, while full use of low temperature hot water resources, no need to add another air energy water heaters, also reduced cost of running.

2. Comfort is good

Ground radiant heating is the most comfortable way of heating, as long as the installation of the warm space, can feel the EVI air heat pump to bring comfort and comfort experience. Whether you are from the living room to the bedroom, or from the bedroom to the bathroom, the temperature of each region is basically the same, to avoid the case of hot and cold, to ensure that indoor temperature 21 ℃. At the same time the temperature is from bottom to top to spread the heat, the body will feel the foot to the knee position or warm up, below the body warm, people naturally feel warm up.

3. Installation is flexible

EVI air source heat pump to meet part of the heating family due to the transformation, replacement of heating equipment lead to the end of the situation is not suitable. Can be used with a radiator, with easy installation, easy maintenance and other advantages, as long as the air circulation can be installed on the ground. Install smart, convenient, really do not want to install which installed, completely free from external factors such as impact.

4. Energy efficient

EVI air source heat pump heating method of high thermal efficiency, heat concentrated in the human body to benefit the height of the transmission process of heat loss.

5. Long service life

EVI air source heat pump is buried through the underground pipe, good stability, no corrosion, no man-made damage, life and building synchronization. Relatively convection heating maintenance and replacement costs.