Do not modify the hot water heat pump host temperature

Air source heat pump is a kind of high degree of automation equipment.Because of its built-in electronic chip, heat pump equipment can start at any time by oneself, so air source heat pump can guarantee long-term stability to provide constant temperature hot water. So set the right temperature is helpful for heating, but also to save electricity equipment.In general, after the installation of equipment, the staff will tell us the temperature should be how to set up.You'd better don't make adjustment greatly, otherwise may be because the set temperature is too high, heat pump has been unable to reach the target, causes the air source heat pump has been working at a high load condition, causes a large amount of electric energy waste.
Heat pump units cannot be easily without electricity
Air source heat pump with TV, air conditioning the traditional electrical appliances have a significantly different, is not easily without electricity.Reason is that the air source heat pump heating, with water as a medium between the heat transfer, if the weather temperature is lower, when going out once we closed the air source heat pump, then could lead to the large amount of water in the pipeline temperature fell sharply.Temperature is too low, it is possible to freezing equipment, lead to equipment failure.
So be wise and not stop, but will set the temperature of the air source heat pump units to a minimum.In this way, can ensure that heat pump has had a small amount of hot water in the pipeline in cycle back and forth, not frozen. And because of low temperature heat pump's energy consumption is also very few, don't waste too much electricity.If you want to go away for a long time, must be closed, air source heat pump is recommended by discharge of the water in the heat pipe clean.
Frost water should be disposed of properly
There are a large number of cold and hot water heat pump in heating change, therefore in the process of heating, will no doubt have a lot of frost water discharge.We all know that water flows downwards, if slightly negligence on the frost water discharge.The frost water through the pipe to the outside, will flow to the ground.Air temperature is below freezing, frost water easily frozen, likely will drain frozen, and then along the drain climbing, finally led to the normal operation of the equipment.So the frost water pipe position must be designed reasonably, oneself also not clear the frost water on a regular basis.