Do not have coal without gas, winter heating raiders

At present, a large part of the northern part of China is beginning to ban coal-fired heating, while others do not have natural gas pipelines, or use natural gas ladder prices, resulting in very expensive gas prices, many areas without central heating, People think that no coal, no gas, the only way is to use electricity, but the price so expensive, really can not afford. Therefore, the author here summarizes some of the more expensive winter heating method.

Regenerative heater

Electric heating can be divided into two types of direct thermal and regenerative, direct thermal type is directly to high-grade power into low-grade heat of a device, but because the energy conversion efficiency is relatively low, so the power consumption will be very large.

Regenerative is a use of the evening valley heat storage heat, heat during the day heating equipment. On the whole is still relatively economical. But it has a bad drawback, that is, the rate of heat release can not be self-control. Storage heaters are exothermic during the day, and the average family during the day no one, to the evening will be someone. And to the evening and evening when the need for heating, storage heaters installed heat has almost consumed, can only re-power heating, this time is the peak power consumption.

Ground source heat pump

Ground source heat pump is a collection of groundwater in the heat, the room to provide heating equipment. Ground source heat pump can be used for heating in winter, summer can be used to cool, energy efficient, environmentally friendly power, is the villa and self-built room commonly used heating equipment.

But the use of ground source heat pump, then, must be drilled, because the geographical structure of the restrictions, not all areas are suitable for wells. In addition, the ground source heat pump is expensive, one to more than ten thousand, follow-up maintenance costs are high, coupled with because it is not popular in the country, it is difficult to buy a suitable ground source heat pump.

Air source heat pump

An air source heat pump is a device that utilizes the energy in the air to generate heat. These heat can not only be used for heating, but also 24 hours a year to supply the family stable hot water, individual models in the summer when the family can also provide air-conditioning. Compared with the ground source heat pump, air source heat pump from the geographical, temperature and other natural conditions, as long as there is air where you can install the use, but also very save money.

To Guangteng air source heat pump, for example, Beijing 80 square heating area, a heating season (120 days) price is only 1824 yuan. Although the price is slightly higher than the coal, but the heating temperature is higher than the coal, Beijing outdoor temperature -20℃, with Guangteng air source heat pump heating, allowing the room to keep the greenhouse at 20 degrees.

It is relying on its own powerful advantage, the current air source heat pump has become the northern "coal to electricity" in the preferred heating equipment.