Detailed air source heat pump water heater four security system

Recently, the water heater safety accidents frequently, but also allow users to worry more and more, the emergence of air source heat pump water heater, the user is a kind of comfort. Water heaters have become a part of consumer life, and security incidents also gave them great trouble. Air source heat pump in the security advantages, opened up a greater market for it. Air source heat pump water heater safety and security mainly in the following four points:

1. The liner is under pressure

Air source heat pump water heater liner material, can effectively anti-corrosion, in the case of large changes in water temperature, even if the tank is inflated, the liner has a strong enough pressure capacity, but also to ensure safety.

2. Security protection system

Air source water heater can achieve system automation operation, multiple intelligent control. Air source water heater operation panel is simple, and set a perfect security protection measures, in the event of leakage, dry, etc., can be intelligent processing, and will alarm. Air energy equipped with internal leakage protection, current protection is too large, anti-dry protection, high voltage protection, fully protect the security of security .

3. Water temperature safe

Air source water heater water temperature is always between 40 to 55 degrees Celsius, no scalding. Gas water heaters, electric water heaters and solar water heaters are not stable water temperature, water suddenly hot and cold, prone to burns. Air source water heater constant water temperature, less bacteria, both healthy and safe.

4. Hydroelectric separation

Gas water heater is the use of natural gas heating, easy to leak; electric water heater using electric heating, prone to electric shock accident; heat pump water heater use of heat in the air, the water tank and strong power completely separated, will not leak leakage, poisoning accident.