Daily use and maintenance of household water circulation air source water heater

Air source water heater( heat pump water heater ) is a high degree of automation equipment, machine status on a regular basis to check when using, if can the machine for long-term and effective maintenance , reliable operation of the machine and to increase the service life will be unexpected.
1. The rating of the product to produce hot water temperature of 60 ℃, in order to prolong its service life, please use within the scope of the factory Settings, make use of will be out of place in the free warranty.The best energy saving water temperature in 46 to 52 ℃.
2. Closed to install water filter should be cleaned regularly, ensure the water quality in the system is clean, in order to avoid the damage caused by filter blocking machine.
3. Inside the machine all the safety device are set before they go out, do not adjust.
4. Check whether the power of the machines and electrical system wiring and firm, whether there is abnormal action electrical components, if any should be timely maintenance and replacement.
5. It is strictly prohibited by plugging (drawing) plug to switch machine directly, please check the leakage plug leakage protection function.
6. Check the safety valve of the system of filling water, water tank and exhaust system work is normal, so as not to affect the machine's heat and the reliability of the machine running.
7. Check whether water pipe joint leakage.
8. The machine should be kept clean and dry, well ventilated.Regular cleaning air side heat exchanger (3-6 months), to maintain good heat transfer effect.Must cut off power supply before cleaning, clean surface stains, please take a few neutral detergent scrub gently with wet cloth and, don't use gasoline or other solvents.Finish with a dry cloth to wipe dry, keep dry and water heater.
9. Check the various parts of the host work, to check whether there is oil pipe machine and tapping, ensure the machine refrigerant leakage.
 10. Machines do not pile up sundry, lest jam into the outlet, around the machine should be kept clean and dry, well ventilated.
11. If the downtime is longer, should put off the machine line in the water, and cut off power supply, set of good cover.Run time again, before starting on the system to conduct a comprehensive inspection.
12. If the hot water heater is started reproduce any abnormal noise, please power off immediately, must be checked after troubleshooting can start again.