Consult the user about the heat pump configuration tank

1. Question 1: three fan coil, host and fan coil distance in 30, the room is 80 square, store with. Do you need to add a circulating pump after adding a buffer tank?

Answer: You can add or not, mainly for the cooling or heating, the key is usage. If the store used to refrigeration, it is recommended to use the best independent, easy to store at night, easy to use during the day; if used for heating, do not line. Plus the purpose of circulating pump is not only one, is more energy efficient.

2. Question 2: What is the difference between pressure water tanks and non-pressurized water tanks?

Answer: The pressure tank is closed, the box can carry pressure. The non-pressurized water tank box is open, and the atmosphere figured out there was no pressure. Under pressure water tank in the system, because for the return water circuit, the pressure loss is small, less pump loss, mainly for small systems.

3. Question 3: Two for the system need to add water tank? 5P machine how much water tank enough?

Answer: sure to add, the key is to add much of the water tank. This is related to the effect of the two sides for cooling and heating. 5P machine will generally take 100 square or so, if the single from the point of view of the cost reduction, I think the water tank with 300L ~ 500L best.

4. Question 4: I now use two 5p ultra-low temperature cooling and heating machine to warm, between the water tank and the host with a circulating pump, would like to ask how to connect?

Answer: put the tank into the backwater can be, the host direct water supply, no problem. The role of the buffer tank is to reduce the host's starting frequency, extend the service life, increase the amount of water in small systems. If it is to warm, nothing more than a little water tank to do small, the other end to do some of it.