Commercial air source heat pump direct heat and circulating operation principle

Host air source water heater of the whole system is made up of heat pump, water tank, electromagnetic valve, circulating pump and pipeline, the console tank according to the heat transfer structure can be divided into circulating water, the outer coil type, built-in coil type.Commercial machine and direct heat, whether direct heat or circular, its working principle is the same.
Console water circulating fast heating, good safety performance, long service life, the host and tank no distance limit, but the production cost is high, but also increases the circulation pump is very low efficiency of the most vulnerable, which increases power consumption, and energy saving.In the process of water circulation heating at the same time, there will be a serious phenomenon of mix water, heat source is not stable, long life, the outer coil pipe safety performance is good, but slow heat, long waiting time.Built-in coil type quick heating, high efficiency, but because of the influence of water quality, pipe material, thickness, use for a long time down with coil corrosion and leakage hidden trouble.
Commercial hot water units, hot turbine inlet temperature is low and high water temperature (15 ℃ ~ 60 ℃).And circulating unit first work, inlet water temperature may be 15 ℃, but as the time cycle, the water temperature rising, with the increasing of temperature, the circulating hot water units corresponding to the condensing temperature is increasing rapidly.
Direct heat is usually by controlling the flow of water to raise the water temperature, water temperature one pace reachs the designated position.And the problem that the water yield, can completely through the flow control valve to adjust the water system, do it at the same time, produce the same amount of hot water temperature.Because circulating water heat pump system is the whole case keeps heat with cycle, therefore, the water temperature is not stable, the user to use hot and cold;And straight heat pump hot water temperature is constant, there is no this problem.
Direct hot air source water heater can solve heat pump at work at the core of technical problems, take for granted the future developing direction of the air source heat pump hot water technology.But two kinds of operation modes of air source heat pump, the most important thing is that according to own actual need to choose the appropriate products.