Coal to electricity why give the variable frequency heat pump extra points

Air source heat pump is the northern part of China's rural "coal to electricity," the main force, but from the beginning of this year, variable frequency heat pump began to be favored, even in the tender documents were added, or designated to frequency products. An undeniable fact is that the frequency conversion heat pump is more expensive than the fixed frequency, why buy high-end goods brand goods, ahead of a well-off it? Not also! To the people with a comfortable? Not also! what is that? Know that frequency is much more than fixed frequency, but also to encourage frequency, and even Shanxi, Henan, some of the tender specified "non-frequency do not". The reason is actually very simple.

First, are the rural voltage to blame the disaster

In Beijing, for example, spent heavily for the rural power grid was upgraded, each household to ensure a minimum 9KW, but to the heating season, once a large area began to heating, voltage instability is more common, and even cause the heat pump host can not be used normally. The reasons include - power supply sector power adjustment is not proper; residents and shops electricity sharing the main line; transformer load is not enough.

At this time, the frequency converter "voltage to adapt to a large range of" the advantages of it! In the process of coal to electricity in the process of inverter air source in the system start, the current is low, will not impact on the grid and the meter, can reduce the other indoor use of electrical interference. Voltage to meet the range of 120V-270V, to solve the instability of the voltage and affect the work of the problem. The wider the frequency range, the more able to ensure that the vast majority of operating conditions in the environment without downtime, energy-saving advantages are more obvious.

Second, the frequency of heating fast, the host defrost when the favorable

Inverter air source to achieve high power and high efficiency, the system starts, the current temperature and set the temperature difference between the larger, the maximum frequency operation, the frequency of up to 120 Hz, rapid heating (cold), so that the rapid rise in water temperature or down to set the temperature, can quickly get a comfortable temperature environment. When the temperature reaches the set value, automatically turn to low frequency operation, heating (cold) effect is obvious.

Similarly, in the ambient temperature is low, the air source of the heating capacity will drop significantly, or the host frequent defrost, the variable frequency heat pump will use high frequency operation, greatly improving the heat to maximize the heat to get more.

Again, the frequency conversion can be accurate temperature control, higher comfort

After the water temperature reaches the set temperature, it will not stop running like a constant frequency air source, but will run at a lower frequency to maintain the set temperature, especially when providing heat (cold) for the home, It can change the compressor speed to control the heat. The fixed frequency air source is repeated by the compressor to start and stop to maintain the set temperature, temperature fluctuations, water temperature fluctuated, so the room temperature will be too cold or overheating phenomenon.