"Coal to electricity" air source heat pump equipment troubleshooting solutions

As the weather turns cooler, many users have turned on air-source heat pump units for heating. Many users are initially exposed and will inevitably be unfamiliar with their use. If used improperly, not only will affect the heating effect, serious or even damage to the air source heat pump host, the following for everyone to introduce the use of air source heat pump skills and common troubleshooting.


1. Host do not power off at random

Air source heat pump unit generates heat through the water as a carrier for heat transfer, when used in low temperature environment, if the power, the host is likely to be frozen. The correct method should be in the host does not require work, the unit set the temperature set to a minimum, so that the unit to ensure antifreeze function can work, so that you can effectively solve the energy waste and unit antifreeze.

If the blackout time is longer, this time the user to take some measures to prevent the host is frozen, it is necessary to open the valve to drain the water in the pipeline. In this way, even if the power outage, but also to avoid freezing the pipes and the host due to low temperature.

2.  Do not disturb the control panel function keys

The host control panel has a lot of buttons, some adjust the water temperature, and some are timed, if the user is likely to disturb the normal operation of the host. For example, if you press the timer key, the host may not work when it needs to work.

Users generally only need to adjust the water temperature of the keys on it, when the indoor temperature is not enough, put the water temperature raised a little too hot in the room put the water temperature down. For example, we generally set the water temperature 35 ℃, room temperature 18 ℃, if the weather suddenly cold, room temperature is not enough, the water temperature can be transferred to 40 ℃, and vice versa.

3. Host failure to find after-sales

Air source heat pump host will inevitably have a fault at run time, this time users do not panic, you can not move the function keys on the control panel or random host. The correct approach should be to contact the after-sales staff, sales staff will be on-site timely solution to the problem.

4. Cleansing water in time

After the defrosting, the water will accumulate more and more, the ice that forms will accumulate thicker and thicker, and will slowly freeze upward along the drain pipe. If the treatment is not timely, not only the host can not be frost cured, destroy the host destructively. Therefore, the user is best to clean up in a timely manner, and in the after-sales staff to deal with drainage problems, eliminate hidden dangers.

5. Do not pile up debris around the host

Air source heat pump heating is the absorption of heat in the air, and then after the evaporator vaporized, compressed into high pressure gas compressor, and then into the condenser liquefaction, the absorption of heat transfer to the heated water, so reciprocating, and constantly absorb the source of low temperature heat and output the heated water, directly reaches the predetermined temperature. If the host piled around debris, and close, it will certainly affect the heat transfer effect. In general, leave at least 80 cm around the host. The best front fan is 2 meters can not have a barrier, too close may also send back the cold  wind to the host, so the heating effect is very low.

In addition, promptly clean up the attachment on the evaporator. When the host will heat some leaves or other sundries to the evaporator above, if not cleaned up, will affect the evaporator to absorb heat effect.