Coal-to-Electricity Transformation promotes air source heat pump

Coal-to-Electricity Transformation replacing the traditional coal-fired boiler
In recent years, affected by fog and haze, the Chinese local governments have introduced relevant policies to encourage the development of new energy industries and promote energy saving and emission reduction, to reduce intensification of fog and haze disaster. In the North, many cities led by the capital, Beijing, go in for "Coal-to-Electricity Transformation", replacing the traditional small coal-fired boiler by offering high subsidies to encourage residents to use air source heat pump heating and other clean energy heating.
the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company held the training of Beijing "One Meeting-Three documents" reform policy for approval and dispatching meeting of supporting project progress for "Coal-to-Electricity Transformation" . We can see the Chinese Governments' determination and belief in environmental quality from their support for energy saving and emission reduction.
using air to heat pump has gradually become a trend
The air source heat pump industry is developing rapidly with the help of Chinese policy for energy saving and emission reduction. "Coal-to-Electricity Transformation" project using air to heat pump has gradually become a trend, heating by heat pump projects are in full swing around China which bring more wealth business opportunities for air source heat pump. It is reported that the proportion of the project market of air source heat pump industry is higher than the retail market, up to 65% -70%. 
The output value of air source heat pump market in 2016 has improved steadily is expected to exceed 10 billion. Air source heat pumps are applied to domestic hot water, commercial hot water, heating, heating and cooling, drying, dehumidification and industrial applications which has made a huge step forward and highlighted by the market.