Clean heating is the trend of air source heat pump to become "coal to electricity" the best choice

Greening a mountain forest, often takes decades, and chopped a mountain, may be in the blink of an eye, we can see that governance is much more difficult than destruction. In China every heating season, the northern haze has been criticized, which is also with the northern central heating and rural coal heating has an indispensable relationship. In order to reduce air pollution, the northern governments have shown a haze determination, the introduction of a very favorable "coal to electricity", "coal to gas" policy, in order to promote the popular heating process.

As a new generation of environmentally friendly non-polluting heating equipment, air source heat pump only a small amount of energy to drive the compressor work, absorb the free heat in the air to heat the water, no gas, no harmful gas emissions, even if the wide range of use will not Environmental adverse effects, is a clean and environmentally friendly way of heating. In addition, the air source heat pump power consumption is very small, only about a quarter of electric heating, but also because of the huge energy-saving advantages for the air source heat pump into the rural family has brought convenience.

After all, for the rural residents, the most fancy or the operating costs of the product. The reason why we favor coal heating, but also because compared with other heating methods, coal is the most affordable. In 2016, Beijing coal to air source heat pump pilot, most of the residents are still very contradictory, but in the trial after a period of time, people only found that the air source heat pump heating is really energy efficient, 100 square meters of home heating, Four hundred or five hundred dollars, is a ton of coal have six or seven hundred.

Coupled with the air source heat pump heating without manual duty, do not have a special room to play out the bulk of the bulk of coal, there is no risk of coal poisoning, a key set, you can keep the comfortable temperature 24 hours a day. So, we all happy to accept.