Choose air source heat pump, Imagine quality of life

Now, in order to improve the environment, in China, all in the "coal to electricity." Air source heat pump as a kind of energy-saving pollution-free environmental protection equipment, in this "coal to electricity" boom has been widely used for the majority of residents to bring a comfortable and healthy home life.

Air source heat pump, is a free heat by absorbing the air to heat the device, which consumes very little power, more is the consumption of heat in the air. The air is everywhere, is the use of renewable energy can be recycled, inexhaustible. Compared to solar energy, the air energy no doubt more convenient, it avoids the solar energy "rely on the weather to eat" defects, whether it is cloudy, rainy days, or snow, can be used normally. In addition, the air source heat pump can be heated, can be cooled, for hot water, can also be a variety of functions in one, for everyone to save space at the same time, but also save purchase costs.

There is no central heating in the northern rural areas, mainly in the winter to coal-fired heating, to frequent coal, pouring cinder, and made a smug at home, but also worried about oxygen poisoning, sleep at night is not practical. "Coal to electricity", a large number of rural residents to replace the air source heat pump for heating, 24 hours a day to run, the temperature maintained at 20 ℃ or more, heating costs, but also five or six hundred dollars in January, much higher than the burning of coal. More importantly, the air can be much warmer and safer than burning coal.

And in the summer, the air source heat pump is also useful, choose the heating and cooling air source heat pump as air conditioning can not only cool, but also more comfortable than air conditioning refrigeration. Because the air source heat pump to warm and air conditioning is the "water cycle", the outlet temperature is higher, softer, not because of internal and external temperature difference is too large and cause "air conditioning disease", for the elderly and children's family is particularly applicable.