Air source water heater better than gas water heater in where

Nowadays, water heater types constantly updated, all kinds of water heater emerge in endlessly.The first generation of water heaters is gas water heater, the latest generation of water heater is air source water heater.From the "predecessors" to the "new man", from the hot water heater to the storage water heater, new and old two products have their own advantages and disadvantages?
On to provide the convenience degree of the hot water, four generations in the water heater , gas water heater in first.Why do you say that?Because the gas water heater, as long as connected to gas, open the nozzle can be out of the water.The hot water is not restricted, heating time it only takes a few seconds.It is also a gas water heater has been the important point in the market with a huge share of the water heater.
Air source heat pump water heater is storage water heater, their provides hot water speed is slower than the gas water heater.But it also has the advantages of their own.It is energy saving + security.Hot water bath, though seemingly safe, but if you pay more attention to observation, you will find in a lot of news, often have such coverage: somewhere residents because do not pay attention to ventilation can cause carbon monoxide suffocation accidents while taking a shower.But did not use the air to water heaters, bathing the incident of tragedy.
Have to say, gas water heater as the first large-scale application in the water heater industry products, actually on the safety design is not too big problems, most people can use correctly and safely.But also because everyone for this kind of product too trust, sometimes ignore the bathroom ventilation problem, cause an accident.It also illustrates the gas water heater on the heating principle, with a certain deficiencies.
And air source water heater, as the latest generation of products, draw lessons from the deficiency of the gas water heater, using a new kind of heating scheme, rely on reverse carnot principle to heating, its internal contain refrigerant, refrigerant under normal condition of low temperature, the density of its liquid.According to the second law of thermodynamics, heat will spontaneously from high temperature to low temperature.So the refrigerant can automatically absorb heat from the air. A lot of heat energy into the air to heat pump compressor, after being pressurized by the coil in the heat exchanger to heat water, water temperature ascension.The process, not only use no gas, and the compressor don't direct contact with water, there would be no carbon monoxide poisoning and the risk of electric shock.Air source water heater as the safest water heater.
Super capacity for water, the temperature is constant, meet the demand of several individual family bath, also makes the air source water heater made progress on the experience of using hot water.Precisely because of these technologies, the air source water heater heat in 2017, has become many families for replacement water heater's preference.