Air source heat pump water heater working principle

In people's impression, the water heater can be used to provide hot water. Such as gas water heaters, electric water heater, etc. But with the progress of the times, with the constant improvement of the people demand, now a new generation of air energy water heater has been on the basis of the supply of hot water, add the function of the heating.
Air source heat pump water heater heating and air conditioning is very similar. All is the use of a material under normal temperature is very low, refrigerant, the heat from the air, and then through the refrigerant in the air source water heater system internal constant flow of heat is transferred to the water. 
For 1 kw power consumption, heat production 4 kw, the heat energy can be transferred from the air 4 kw. Of course, such a high efficiency is not can have 365 days a year. If it is winter, air temperature to drop, there will be corresponding lower heating efficiency, but also basically is over 300%, still than the electric water heater.
Air source heat pump water heater heating, essentially speaking that is provide hot water, and then by heating at the end of heating. Due to the air source heat pump water heater is in the production of hot water equipment, so you can talk with air to floor heating machine, floor heating and radiator pipe end.
With air floor heating machine can be used, if the wind is not dry, humidity is appropriate. If match with radiator use, because of the radiator required for hot water temperature is very high, as well as the above two relatively energy saving province electricity. General or preferred machine of floor heating and floor heating line is recommended.