Air source heat pump water heater installation, three major points can not be ignored

Recently, the air source heat pump water heater hot than many people imagine. This is known for energy-saving water heater products, just enter the market, it was a great success. However, in the industry, has always been a "three-point product, seven-point install" argument, in order to really enjoy the fun, comfortable hot water life, have to air source heat pump water heater installation, the next effort.

To this end, today for everyone to explain the air source heat pump water heater installation details.

Installed in the air circulation

Air source heat pump water heater is to absorb the heat in the air to the principle of hot water, so the installation, unlike solar water heaters so limited, do not need to install in the sun direct position. However, the air source heat pump water heater in different locations, the efficiency of the absorption of air is also very different. In order to better meet the heating of the water heater, air source heat pump water heater is best installed in a good location of air circulation, and from the surrounding walls do not be too close. Common choice of living room, balcony and outdoor air-conditioned bits and so on.

Do not be too far from the water end

Why should we emphasize the distance between the water heater and the water end? Because many people buy air source heat pump water heaters, the figure is energy saving and power saving. And once the water point away from the water heater too far, in the hot water transport process will produce heat loss. Especially in winter, the temperature is low, which will greatly increase the heat loss rate, resulting in air source heat pump water heaters need to make more hot water, resulting in waste of electricity. Therefore, in the installation, it should try to let the water heater close to the bathroom or the kitchen of this relatively large amount of water, both to speed up the hot water can also be further energy saving.

Damping measures should be done well

As the air source heat pump water heater internal installation of the compressor, so when running will inevitably produce a certain sound. According to the relevant provisions of the state, the air source heat pump water heater noise will be limited to 55 decibels, belonging to the sanatorium level, the normal life will not interfere. If the installation of a fixed process is not done, the water heater host weight, shake up the noise will multiply. Therefore, in the installation, should do a good job of shock and shock absorption, the host of the steel pipe should be used spring vibration support, to avoid the pipeline vibration to the building. The unit and the hot water outlet pipe, the circulating water pipe and the tap water inlet pipe adopt the flexible connection, can prevent the vibration from the unit to the water pipe.