Air source heat pump water heater heat preservation effect is bad

Household water heater can be broadly divided into two categories: one is the hot water heater, such as gas water heater.Second, storage water heater, such as the air source heat pump water heaters, electric water heater.For water heater, water tank design quality directly decides the equipment heat preservation effect.Especially the latest generation of water heater air source heat pump water heater, its heating, high efficiency, energy saving save electricity if the heat preservation, can keep enough hot water reserves, for the use of the user, to achieve further energy saving province electricity.
However, different air source heat pump water heater, heat preservation effect is also different, what factors affect the air source heat pump water heater heat preservation?
1. The tank material
Air source water heater tank interior, is actually a bladder.The tank is to protect hot water temperature does not change the first layer of protection.Common have crystal tank, stainless steel tank and so on.Just now, a lot of air source heat pump water heater will use 304 stainless steel material to casting of the water tank.This tank can have a good sealing ability.Water storage efficiency as high as 80%. Then there is 304 stainless steel temperature-holder box is a stainless steel plate or with colour plate steel as the surface layer and closed pore type flame retardant self-extinguishing polystyrene plate or polyurethane (pu) as the core layer, and then through the corresponding optimization design, all have good capability of heat preservation.
2. The design of insulation layer
In order to make water heater temperature decreased slower, thermal insulation layer is indispensable.Common air energy equipment, can use high-density thick foam polyurethane cfc-free, whole individual.The heat loss is very small, can greatly improve equipment insulation performance.And the thickness of the insulation layer is very exquisite.For consumers, the thermal insulation layer thickness of the water tank is generally more appropriate in 40 ~ 50 mm, there are also a small number of water heater, insulation layer can reach 60 mm, 24 hours a day, the temperature fell only 4 degrees or so.But sometimes we can't judge a air energy device of water tank insulation layer thickness is how much, you can roughly by the simplest way to judge: if the capacity of the water heater is consistent, in the case of bigger, can think that the higher the thermal insulation layer thickness.
3. The change of air temperature
You know, the air source heat pump water heater is always in contact with air.So 365 days a year, different season, water tank insulation effect will be different.If it is summer, because the air temperature is high, the heat lost will have to be slow, the heat preservation effect is one of the best year.On the other hand, once in winter, the temperature to below zero, according to the laws of physics: heat is independent from high temperature to low temperature in passing.It is possible to a drop in temperature faster than summer.