Air source heat pump water heater exhaust process

Air source heat pump water heater is the use of refrigerant (commonly known as refrigerant) as medium, using a small amount of electrical energy to drive the compressor operation, the high temperature and high pressure of cooling after condensing heat water supply (water was gradually heating and stored in the heat preservation water tank), which is formed by the condensation after after throttling expansion within the evaporator evaporation of liquid working medium to low temperature and low pressure gas, and absorbs heat from the air.Air to water heat pump just refrigerating agent transfers heat from the surrounding air to the water, fully achieve zero emissions, this is a great advantage for air source heat pump water heater.
Air source heat pump water heater exhaust process:
1. Before the exhaust, first connect good connection between the host and tank copper pipe, and tighten it.
2. Remove the large Angle valve plunger valve blocks.
3. Remove the large Angle valve socket head gland.
4. Remove the small Angle valve socket head gland.
5. With the Angle valves corresponding to the size of the Allen wrench the small Angle valve open about 1/6 weeks counter-clockwise, and establish a cross or other metal hold down under the big Angle valve thimble (shall not force too much, slightly press).Hear the air discharge from a big Angle valve thimble, exhaust time control in about 5 to 7 seconds, loosening the plunger valve, and then make the thimble automatically shut down.
6. Then small Angle with a Allen wrench valve to be fully open counter-clockwise.
7. Then the big Angle valve fully open counter-clockwise in the same way.
8. And the size of the cover Angle valve and plunger valve blocks, with a wrench and tighten.
9. Exhaust complete.