Air source heat pump water floor heating: the core components include what

Air source heat pump water floor heating is a new generation of heating equipment, heating efficiency, safety and environmental protection, with the geothermal pipeline can achieve the building heating. However, because the air source heat pump water floor heating is warm new technology products, many people on its heating mode is still relatively unfamiliar. Today for everyone to analyze the air source heat pump water floor heating the composition of the system, which include:

Heat pump unit: the heat pump unit consists of four parts: expansion valve, evaporator (air heat exchanger), compressor and condenser (heat exchanger). The air source heat pump absorbs the heat in the air through the refrigerant in the evaporator, then drives the compressor with electric power, and heats the heat to the heat exchanger. Heat exchanger in the heat exchange, heat into the water, the formation of hot water. Hot water into the geothermal pipeline, began to cycle heating. The refrigerant is finally processed by the expansion valve, cooled, depressurized, and once again returned to the evaporator for the next endothermic process.

Geothermal ducts: Geothermal pipes are an important part of the floor heating system. It is buried beneath the floor and consists of a large number of PE-RT, PEX pipes or other composite pipes. Hot water in the pipeline constantly circulating, heat through the form of heat radiation to the house, to enhance the indoor temperature, to achieve heating effect.

The nail: In the installation of geothermal pipelines, there may be a displacement of the pipe. So the necessary fixed measures must have. The most common way to fix it is - the nail is usually U-shaped, mostly plastic material, openings slightly larger than the pipe diameter.

Casing: As the warm water flowing in the pipeline is hot water, heat will spread in the process of hot water to the outside world. In order to reduce this loss of meaningless heat, the construction staff will generally add a layer of geothermal pipe casing, to enhance the insulation effect, reduce the heat pump unit waste.

Insulation board: the role of insulation board is the formation of "insulation layer", so that heat will not be a large number of downward transfer. Insulation board generally made of small thermal conductivity, high temperature does not produce odor material.

Reflective film: Reflective film laying under the geothermal pipe, the role of similar with the insulation board, to promote the heat generated by the heat pipe upward movement, reducing the heat transfer to the bottom. It is the existence of it, can make the whole heating system to enhance the heating speed. So the reflective film laying good or bad, directly affect the heating system to warm the effect.

Sub-sump: how much hot water is controlled in the geothermal pipeline? The answer is - sub-catchment. The sub-sump is like a track valve, which contains drainage, drain and multiple waterways. Operation of sub-catchment, you can let the hot water according to the needs of each branch evenly distributed to the water pipe to ensure that the indoor heating evenly.

Temperature control panel: As the name suggests, temperature control panel similar to air conditioning remote control. The user can precisely set the temperature through it. Adjust the temperature to your favorite range.