Air source heat pump type selection

Air source heat pump is very remarkable energy saving, environmental protection, safe and easy to management, and other characteristics, by various units, schools, enterprises, factories, hotels, hotels, hospitals, bath center, family, etc., are a large number of central hot water supply system, and widely praised.Air source heat pump hot water project and some manufacturer in use process and gradually exposed many problems, problems including the heat pump hot water unit itself quality problem, engineering installation and use of management problems, led to the hot water supply is normal, the high cost of energy consumption is too large, hot water.Want to be familiar with the air can heat pump to achieve procurement specialist level actually very simple, want to hold the key point of choose good air can heat pump, all solved.
Air source heat pump water heater is the fourth generation of new hot water equipment, is a highly efficient heat and heat transfer device, by the compressor and electronic expansion valve, filter drier, four-way valve, evaporator, condenser, fan and other major parts.It succeeded in applying the principle of the reverse carnot heat pump driven by a power of the compressor from inhaling low temperature low pressure gas in the evaporator refrigerants, refrigerant compressed by doing work in high temperature and high pressure gas, high temperature and high pressure gas entering the condenser exchange heat with water, was condensed in the condenser of a cryogenic liquid release a lot of heat, water absorption of the release quantity of heat and temperature rising.By condensation of high pressure cryogenic liquid after expansion valve throttling depressurization, through the role of the fan in the evaporator, absorb quantity of heat to evaporate into a low pressure gas, surrounding air is drawn into the compressor in the compression, such repeated cycle, in order to gain more than 55 ℃ hot water.Deposit made hot water from the water tank, for users to use at any time.
The classification of the heat pump
1, According to the heat source can be divided into: air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, water source heat pump
2, According to the way of work is divided into: heat circulation heat pump, heat pump
3, According to the temperature of the water can be divided into: the normal heat pump type, high temperature heat pump
4, According to different purposes of divided into: the pool type heat pump, breeding type heat pump, industrial pump, life shower heat pump, etc
5, Depending on the derivative functions include: air conditioning hot water operated units, hot and cold unit, floor heating hot water operated units, multi-functional trigeneration unit, etc.