Air source heat pump technology research and development of what types of products

Air source heat pump technology to enter China has a history of ten years, the first in the field of hot water development, due to China's domestic consumption concept and consumption level, the development of air source heat pump water heater has been tepid; with the air source heat pump technology continues to mature , Air to heat came into being, along with coal to electricity into the explosive growth stage; to 2017, the domestic air source heat pump has been the field of industrial and agricultural drying. Air source heat pump applications continue to expand the field means that the number of air products can continue to increase, then the air source heat pump how many products do?

Air energy products are based on air source heat pump technology research and development, we first review the air source heat pump working principle: through the heat pump unit power work, the ambient air in the low heat absorption to the heat exchanger, through the heat exchanger, The heat through the principle of heat transfer to the water, to the role of heating. Air source heat pump unit work, the suction force in the fan, the outdoor air from the air inlet into the unit, through the heat exchanger, then the air heat from the heat exchanger is absorbed, and transferred to the insulation tank, the water The temperature of the air that has lost heat is reduced and cool air blows out of the fan.

From the above description of the popular working principle can be seen, "heat" always runs through the air source heat pump mode of operation, the air source heat pump is the manufacture of heat devices, so through its technology research and development of products is also around the heating function to carry out.

First in the field of hot water typical of the air to water heaters, also known as air source heat pump water heaters, and solar water heaters, electric water heaters, gas water heaters, like to provide family life, the highest visibility of this product; function on the home and commercial, Structure is divided into one and split.

That some manufacturers introduced air-conditioning water heater, air-conditioning water heater and what is it? Air conditioning is used to cool, air conditioning water heater is to provide both cooling and hot water heater function, as air-conditioning water heater is the air conditioning water heater, the name of different bale. Air-conditioning water heater is actually another way to air energy water heater, the above principle also said that the heat in the air after the water is absorbed, it becomes a cold air, air-conditioning water heater is only the use of these cold air to the kitchen, Partial area. Simply in the air energy water heater connected to a cooling air pipe, the air energy water heater become a air-conditioning water heater.

Second, in the field of heating to warm air-conditioning one machine, where the "one" is not from the structural point of view, refers to one dual-use / a machine dual-use. A set of heat pump host, the end of the use of warm fan coil, winter use to warm or fan coil heating, the use of fan coil cooling in summer. The advantage is that the air source heat pump unit utilization is highest, can be used throughout the year, the use of high temperature refrigeration, low temperature use of heating, the unit will not be idle; but also the most ideal of the cold and warm products, will be warm and comfortable air conditioning Degree of organic combination, cold and heat source using a very energy-efficient air source heat pump unit. While maintaining a comfortable at the same time, in line with the concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

There are other air source heat pump heating products, like a single heating, in the north of coal to electricity in the application of this product is more to meet the use of winter heating can be at the end of the choice of very flexible, new heating film, fan coil, to warm , Radiator, etc. can be used. So the northern coal to electricity to replace the heat source is the use of air source heat pump; followed by warm and hot water will be combined with two functions to warm the hot water one machine to meet the winter heating at the same time, to provide 24 hours of hot water.