Air source heat pump quickly occupied the hotel hot water project highlights the advantages

According to the air baba research, a large hotel with accommodation, kitchen, fitness center, the daily hot water required is likely to reach more than 100 tons, to provide so much hot water. The choice of what kind of equipment has become a hotel operators are very important to a matter.

At present, most of our hotels are using air source heat pump as a hot water supply equipment, and rave reviews. So, what is the advantage of air source heat pump in the end? In fact, the answer is very simple, the most prominent three advantages are: environmental protection, efficient and intelligent.

Consumption of electricity heating, heating efficiency among the forefront

The Northwest Hotel in Ningxia is a large hotel, which is a typical project with an air source heat pump. The hotel will be more than one heat pump unit installed in the outdoor, daily absorption of free heat in the air to provide hot water.

The heat pump draws heat from the air and consumes electricity to rely on the compressor to convert this low-grade energy into a directly available high-grade heat. Rely on the principle of heating, heat pump equipment, very little power consumption. Only 1kw of electricity, you can produce 4kw of heat. The heating efficiency is surprisingly 400%. Efficient heating, reflecting the economy is a substantial reduction in the cost of heating. And the more hot water production, the more obvious economic benefits.

Clean energy heating, zero pollution

Hotel in order to operate well, in addition to hot water service in place, the environment can not be poor. The traditional coal-fired boiler heating, burning coal will produce a certain amount of respirable particulate matter and sulfur dioxide, the long run will affect the hotel near the air environment, bring some bad effects. Air source heat pump is a nationally recognized clean energy equipment, heating process does not consume coal, zero exhaust emissions, can give the hotel to maintain a good air environment.

Heating automation, save trouble, effort

The hotel is open 24 hours a day, so the stability and automation of the heating equipment are very important. Air source heat pump just to have these two points. Air source heat pump, intelligent device. From the microcomputer to real-time detection of the heat pump system running, and automatically adjust the heat pump mode of operation. Add cold water, heat cold water, send hot water to the end, these processes seem complex, but do not need maneuvering. Heat pump unit fully implemented, greatly reducing the heating of the trouble.


More importantly, the heat pump heating mechanism is like this: Once the heat pump water tank temperature is much lower than the set value, the heat pump will start heating, making the hot water in the water tank temperature, reach a predetermined value. Based on this work system, air heat pump can be a lot of hot water supply in 24 hours, so that guests can always enjoy the comfortable hot water service.