Air source heat pump pool machine - advanced hotel installation preferred

Hotel constant temperature swimming pool heat pump

The hotel pool heat pump is a heating device that specializes in hot water in the hotel's swimming pool, using the heat in the surrounding air and transferring it to the pool water.

Indoor hotel swimming pool, the use of swimming pool thermostat dehumidification heat pump, running in the dehumidification + heating mode, it is the use of dehumidification (cooling) when the energy recovery in the air used to heat the pool water to achieve energy saving effect.

Hotel constant temperature swimming pool heat pump - Market Status and Trend

With the improvement of people's living standards, the hotel is no longer just for tourists to provide short-term accommodation, today's hotel in the provision of accommodation, but also for visitors to provide restaurants, swimming pools, fitness and other services. Bowling alley / golf course, fitness and spa beauty center, each of which is the best of today's hotel, at the same time set off the pool heat pump in the hotel field boom.

Hotel constant temperature swimming pool heat pump characteristics

The use of full heat recovery technology: in the dehumidification (cooling) operation, through the whole heat recovery technology will be the original emissions to the environment in the heat all the recovery, used to heat the pool water, to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Stable and reliable: the new system design, customer service the traditional heat recovery system long loop, oil shortcomings, with the internationally renowned brand compressor and patented technology efficient casing, refrigeration, heating more robust.

Energy saving and environmental protection: the use of heat pump technology, and other conventional hot water equipment (such as: oil boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers, etc.) can save 65% to 80% of the operating costs, no pollution to the environment.

The use of security: water and electricity isolation; no fire, no leakage, to ensure personal safety.

Intelligent control: to achieve independent temperature control, intelligent cream and a variety of automatic switching mode.