Air source heat pump matters needing attention

High temperature heat pump can not directly on the ground
such as using electric stove, coal stove on the ground. Because of the ground temperature will damage the pipe under the ground.
Unable to drilling, nailing on the ground, so as not to break through the ground under the pipeline does need to drilling. Please contact the installer or contrast of floor heating floor heating tube distribution diagram, confirm will not damage the floor heating pipe, so the damage caused by yourself.
The fixed garnish is not installed on the ground as far as possible or put the furniture that has no legs, lest affect ground heat dissipation, usually need to more than 125 px furniture floor above the ground.
Do not placed directly on the ground during the heating of water glass and porcelain in order to avoid uneven heating lead to rupture.
prevent the deformation of the ground rupture
On the ground may not be placed above 2 t / ㎡ items, in order to prevent the deformation of the ground rupture, really need reinforcement measures should be taken to .
0 ℃ in winter, pays attention to the following antifreeze, temporary unused area of the water system is completely shut down. If you want to close the need to set aside the small opening to prevent freezing.
In the heating period filled with water service .