Air source heat pump make home more warmth

air source heating function let you feel the spring in the cold night
When you work a day, exhaustion of body and mind of the home, want to wash a hot bath, want to have a warm and comfortable place for the soul to release, air source heat pump products are your best choice. The air source heating thermostatic function let you feel the spring in the cold night. Air source heat pump water heater unprecedented huge amounts of hot water, security, intelligent, not only can satisfy the requirement of bath, also solves all the water demands of our daily life. Air source heat pump products brought convenient, more will be the quality of life improved.
environmental protection high efficiency and energy saving
What is the air energy. In an increasingly emphasize environmental protection now, the use of solar energy has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, many families have also used the solar energy water heater even rice cooker and so on. 
Air source heat pump heating mainly reflects in: environmental protection high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection, safety, air source heat pump hot water project hot water system is burning, explosive gas, no electric drive components, absolute security. Without any waste gas, waste water, waste residue discharge, absolute environmental protection, heat pump units will average cost only direct electric heating 2/5, fuel, gas heat 1/3 ~ 1/2, 1/1.5 of the conventional solar. In addition the air can two installations, does not produce any harmful gases, air source heat pump products by a small amount of electrical energy to drive the compressor surrounding the absorption and transformation of heat in the air, is a real energy saving, environmental protection, comfortable and safe health products.