Air source heat pump junction scale how to do

Air source heat pump, whether it is air source water heaters, air source heat pump heating equipment, air source heat pump drying equipment, are from the air to absorb low temperature heat, used to heat; all belong to the water system cycle, many users worry about air source heat pump for a long time After use, will produce scale, resulting in air source heat pump heating slow down, resulting in lower thermal efficiency, increased power consumption.

What is scale? With the continuous evaporation of hot water gradually concentrated, when reached a certain concentration, the precipitate will become a solid precipitation, attached to the drum, water wall tube and other heating surface of the inner wall, forming a layer of "film", blocking heat transfer , This layer "film" called scale.

In fact, the air source heat pump is a low temperature heat pump (hot water 45 ℃ -55 ℃), from the product performance and theoretically, the air source heat pump is not easy to form scale, especially the continuous improvement of temperature control technology, more difficult. It is generally believed that the critical point of scale formation at 60 ℃, heated to 85 ℃ or more, will be fast, a large number of scale, so only in some high-temperature air source heat pump in the existence of sufficient conditions to produce scale.

What are the reasons for the formation of scale? The formation of scale mainly occurs in the poor water quality, and its formation mainly through two factors, one is the water calcium, magnesium ions and other heavy metal ions exist, is the root cause of scale formation is internal;

Second, the solid material from the supersaturated furnace water precipitation and adhesion in the metal heating surface, is the formation of external factors. When the water containing calcium, magnesium and other impurities into the boiler, the absorption of high temperature flue gas to the heat, calcium, magnesium salts will be a chemical reaction, resulting in insoluble material precipitation.

What should I do with the last air source heat pump scale? First of all, to solve the air source heat pump junction scale method is cleaning, the host condenser (switch) cleaning, the first citric acid cleaning agent and water in proportion to the deployment of uniform. (20-30) minutes, and then the citric acid cleaning agent is drained and then circulated with tap water (condenser) 5-10) minutes, the water will be drained, and then repeated with tap water (2-4) times can be.

Clean the evaporator , first the heat pump fin cleaning agent and water in proportion to evenly sprayed on the evaporator, waiting for (5-10) minutes of impurities and evaporator from, and then use high-pressure water spray gun on the evaporator rinse.

Finally, to provide you with two air source heat pump maintenance recommendations: outside the machine installed water filter should be regularly cleaned to ensure that the system clean water in order to avoid the unit due to filter dirty block caused by damage to the host, in some poor water quality areas, System circulating water can be purchased to add pure water.

In the return pipe or cold water into the water pipe to install a special scale to remove the drinking water scale can be resolved, so the benefits are: First, to prevent the heating process to generate new scale; Second, the original scale will gradually soften and self The third is to improve the water quality; Fourth, improve the thermal efficiency, to avoid the risk of heating pipe burst, greatly extend the service life of water heaters. At the same time, the use of low cost, cost savings.