Air source heat pump industry terminology

Understanding an industry term seems simple, but often means a mastery of knowledge. Today for everyone to briefly introduce some of the air source heat pump professional terms.

Multiple supply

Often see the heat pump unit with multiple supply (such as the two for the triple supply) like the logo, what does this mean?

Multi-supply is an energy output system, under the guidance of the principle of integrated energy cascade to achieve a reasonable match and combination of different thermal systems. In simple terms, the multi-joint supply is more than two functions of the integration, such as Guangteng heat pump triple for the unit, you can also achieve cooling, heating, the production of hot water three functions of the combination.


This concept is used to describe the energy efficiency ratio of the heating season, which refers to the ratio of the heating power of the unit to the total effective total power input under certain operating conditions. This concept is used in the multi-unit for less use, commonly used in air source heat pump water heater, the higher the value that the better energy-saving effect.

Heat recovery

Heat recovery refers to the waste heat during the operation of the unit, waste heat recycling, and thus more energy efficient, environmentally friendly. Air source heat pump using heat recovery technology, can be used in the summer with the heat of the unit heat only to live hot water, winter can use high temperature and high pressure of the working gas overheating enthalpy, while heating water and hot water.

Heating capacity / cooling capacity

Heating is the sum of the heat values provided by the air source heat pump unit, the heating conditions or the hot water preparation system in unit time, usually in W, kW.

Relative to the calorific value, the cooling capacity is the total amount of heat removed per unit time during the cooling operation.

Jet enthalpy

Enthalpy is an important concept in physics. Jet enthalpy is a kind of refrigeration cycle system technology to improve the heat absorption efficiency and heat absorption at low air temperature. It is the key technology of air source heat pump compressor.

Split / integrated air source water heater

As the name suggests, split air source water heater is the mainframe and water tank separately, integrated air source water heater is located in the tank above the water tank, combined into one. Both in terms of stability, convenience and so on.

Rated heating water

Refers to the air source heat pump water heater in the rated operating conditions, the unit time to produce 55 ℃ hot water, the unit is: L / h.

Rated heating power

Refers to the air source heat pump water heater in the rated operating conditions, the unit time to the water side of the heater in the water medium to the sum of the heat, the unit: W or KW.

Initial water temperature / terminating water temperature

The initial water temperature refers to the water temperature measured by the air source heat pump water heater before starting the heating at the total inlet at the use side.


The terminating water temperature refers to the temperature of the water measured at the final outlet of the hot water machine when the heating is stable in a heating type hot water machine, or after heating in a circulating heating type hot water machine, The average water temperature measured in the box.

Air source heat pump with or at the same time with the traditional air conditioning, water heater function, therefore, many professional terms are both common. Finally, engaged in air source heat pump industry, how can we not understand the air source heat pump "four pieces" it?


The evaporator is the key to achieving heat exchange and is a key component of the air source heat pump. Through the evaporator, low-temperature condensation "liquid" body with the outside air for heat exchange, "gas" heat absorption and achieve the effect of cooling.


The condenser is an air source heat pump cooling system that converts gas or steam into liquid and transfers heat from the pipe to the nearby air.

For a split-type heat pump air conditioning, the summer cooling is an outdoor unit for the condenser, indoor unit for the evaporator, the operation put the indoor heat transported to the outside. Winter is the opposite.


The compressor is the heart of the air source heat pump, a fluid machine that lifts the low pressure gas to high pressure. It sucks the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, drives the piston through the motor to compress it, discharges the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas to the exhaust pipe, and provides the power for the refrigeration cycle.

Expansion valve

Expansion valve for the throttle valve components, the role of the temperature and pressure of the liquid refrigerant through its throttling into a low temperature and low pressure wet steam, and then the refrigerant in the evaporator to absorb heat to achieve the cooling effect, the expansion valve through the end of the evaporator Heat changes to control the valve flow, to prevent the use of insufficient evaporator area and knock the cylinder phenomenon.