Air source heat pump in winter antifreeze method correctly

To give you a better use of air source heat pump, avoid heat pump units fault, please according to the air source heat pump using manual or manual operation using heat pump units, at the same time do a good job in the winter antifreeze to ensure equipment safety and normal use of heat pump heating system, to avoid a switch power, water, operation or use undeserved cause air to heat pump system such as freezing, cause unnecessary loss, the customers should be vigilant, serious execution!
1.The pipe heat preservation
When the environment temperature of freezing point, the air source water heater temperature drop so quickly, if the hot water supply and return pipe didn't do heat preservation measures, will speed up the heat consumption. Air source water heater pipe insulation mainly adopts two kinds of heat preservation cotton or polyurethane foam.Small diameter is generally with heat preservation cotton insulation, big works of polyurethane foam insulation.
2.Maintain current
Keep the unit electricity in the winter, not only can ensure the air source water heater can provide hot water, all-weather often start the compressor operation, and can guarantee unit not frost, make the normal operation of the unit.
Air source heat pump hot water units and heating units start automatically when outdoor temperature is lower in winter antifreeze protection function.
Note: air source heat pump units, water pumps, control cabinet related switch must be in the current state and automatic filling water valve open state, the unit related valves in the system, must be in a normally open state, the unit will automatically open the anti-freezing function.Electricity, water, control cabinet setting error, antifreeze protection function are not normally open, the resulting knot frozen bad unit equipment, air source heat pump manufacturers have to carry on the maintenance fee.
3.Stop the matters needing attention
If the air source heat pump units in winter is not running or need long downtime, such as: frequent blackouts, unit shut down at night, winter, winter vacation units, often do not use units, water pumps, shall be in all of the water in the outdoor pipeline emptying, unit to prevent freezing, and cut off power supply, set of good cover. Runtime, again, please before starting on the system to conduct a comprehensive inspection.
Note: heating of the air source heat pump unit in the case of no water emptying must add antifreeze.Unit according to the customer's specific usage, in winter is not convenient to water emptying and possible water power, the air can heat pump heating system must be added to fill antifreeze, and must choose according to local minimum temperature as the important parameters of antifreeze.
4.Frozen processing
If discover freezing air source water heater pipe but has not cracking, don't pour hot water tap on a pipe or to the line should wait for its natural melting.
Learn these methods, then the cold weather we also don't have to worry about our air source heat pump!