Air source heat pump hot water system replenishment, backwater control

There is only one water tank in the conventional hot water system. The heat generated by the heat pump is transferred to the water tank with the circulating water pump, and the cold water in the tank is gradually heated. After the cold water reaches the set temperature, the heat pump stops working and the hot water is used by the user. Water level down to a certain temperature, and then pay, a heat pump hot water system is water, heating, hot water three working process, the work of the cycle, each process failure, will cause the entire hot water system to stop working, affecting the use of , This article is easy to talk about the backwater and replenishment system.

1. Why do I need a backwater control system:

When the end of a long time without water, the water temperature in the water pipe will drop, in order to ensure that the water supply point of each water temperature that is hot water, the system should be set a set of temperature water back

2. Backwater system control principle:

In the water supply line, the most unfavorable point of water temperature below the set temperature, such as 40 ℃ (according to the actual situation set temperature), has opened the return solenoid valve and water booster pump, the cold water back to the tank, To ensure that the faucet to open the hot water, when the most unfavorable point of water temperature to set the temperature, water supply booster pump and return solenoid valve has stopped running.

3. Water replenishment principle:

(1) water tank inside the need to install the liquid level controller, divided into high school low third gear, the system water tank start temperature 55 ℃, water level start constant water level high water level S1;

(2) When the tank water level is lower than the low water level S3, the system immediately replenish (forced water); when the tank water temperature ≤ 45 ℃, the water tank level is higher than the low water level S3, the tank suspended water, the cycle heating, 45 ℃ above; to be water tank temperature rose to ≥ 45 ℃, re-enter the state of water